Vaccination coverage completed for all coworkers in India


Vaccination coverage completed for all coworkers in India

The administration of the first dose of Covid 19 vaccine was completed in four sessions spread over July and August for all coworkers in the Bhiwadi and Sarole plants and in the New Delhi offices.

All 650 coworkers (with the exception of one for a particular health condition) received the first dose administered directly on the premises by health personnel from local hospitals. The company has paid all the costs of the operation which will end in November with the administration of the second dose.

Vaccination were given over four consecutive weekends, to allow a day of full rest in case of fever or illness. Fortunately, no adverse reactions were recorded.

Subramanian Srinivasan, Managing Director of Spirotech, said he was pleased with the organization of the vaccination site and added: “In India, people are happy to get vaccinated and also among our collaborators no one had any hesitation.”



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