Nidea® was conceived to avoid the waste of energy involved in the electrical defrosting of unit coolers.
Nidea® is the result of close research collaboration between LU-VE Group and the Polytechnic University of Milan.
By means of a sophisticated controller, Nidea®:

DECREASES defrost energy consumption
DECREASES compressor energy consumption
DECREASES the level of heat dissipated in the cold room
INCREASES the the coefficient of performance (COP)



INTELLIGENT DEFROSTNidea® is the INTELLIGENT response to the waste involved in the traditional way of periodic and constant defrosting based on the logic of precaution. In a traditional system the cycle is in fact activated independently of the real need for defrosting and this means wasting energy.

Nidea® has two temperature sensors which determine when the defrost cycle is ended.

Nidea®, thanks to its sensors, calculates and records the parameters to establish the optimal start moment and duration of the defrost.

Nidea® records and “reasons” to manage any anomalies.

Nidea® is adaptable and has a SELF CALIBRATING SYSTEM in order to automatically change parameters and set points in accordance with the working conditions of the moment.

The overmoulding process which seals in the programmable logic controller allows the device to function correctly in a damp environment down to a minimum of -30°C.

Compared to traditional defrosting (4 defrosts per day), Nidea® provides significant energy savings.

75% fewer defrost cycles *
Just one cycle per day

30% less energy costs *

* Results measured on a system working in real conditions.

The unit cooler can be equipped with Nidea and a pre-fitted electronic expansion valve.
In this case, energy savings increase by an additional 20%.