Special CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas coolers and evaporators

Special CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas coolers and evaporators

The use of CO2 as refrigerant fluid

The refrigeration industry is using CO2 increasingly frequently as a radical solution to eliminate the greenhouse effect caused by halogenated hydrocarbons belonging to the HFC category. The GWP (Global Warming Potential) of CO2 is effectively very low when compared to HFCs (1 part in several thousands); furthermore, CO2 does not present and problems of toxicity, flammability or impact on the ozone layer.

Special CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas coolers and evaporators

Differences from traditional HFCs

CO2 is radically different from traditional HFCs (R404A, R507 etc) and can cause particular difficulties to heat exchanger designers;moreover, the appropriate choice of heat exchanger technology is fundamental to the successful construction of high-efficiency CO2 installations.
For these reasons a specific project, carried out by LU-VE, the Politecnico di Milano and several important customers, led to the definition of the ideal exchanger configuration, capable of exploiting to the utmost the special characteristics of this refrigerant and of obtaining interesting benefits.

The LU-VE product line

In recent years LU-VE has developed a specific line for CO2 evaporators and for the revolutionary gas cooler, which in transcritical CO2 plants substitutes the traditional condenser.

  • Cubic commercial unit coolers.
  • Dual discharge commercial unit coolers.
  • Angled commercial unit coolers.
  • Cubic industrial evaporators.
  • Dual discharge industrial unit coolers.
  • Single- and double-V coil gas coolers.

Today LU-VE can reasonably claim to be foremost in this field for both the high-tech solutions adopted and also for the high number of plants installed.