Tubeless steel condensers STFT

Tubeless steel condensers STFT

Special tubeless exchangers in steel, manufactured to a world-exclusive LU-VE technique.
Maximum capacity in the minimum space for customized applications.
Elevated thermal exchange and contained dimensions.
Reduced volume and total internal cleaning.
Strong construction, highly resistent to corrosion.
13 models from 470 to 3670 kW

Main features Tubeless steel condensers STFT

Exclusive LU-VE technology – Oval refrigerant-fluid conduits

In the STFT tubeless condensers, it is the fins themselves which form the conduits of the fluid: the high, oval “funnel”-type fin collars are inserted one into the other and copper brazed in an inert atmosphere furnace. This method of construction gives the highest possible conductivity, as the gas virtually flows through the fins.

Very compact structure for a high ratio of power rating to volume.
These condensers can be supplied on request with plastic fan shrouds (model CF).

Tubeless steel condensers

STFT condensers have been tested in salt spray chambers according to ASTM B117 for 400 hours.